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Welcome to my obfusc.at/ed website

 This website is dedicates to some of my hobbies and interests. Why have I created it? Well, I often tend to start things vigorously, and then abandon them unfinished.  I figured that by creating a website about my projects, I will have more dedication to actually finish them in the first place, and maybe also improve on them later. As a bonus, I hope to find people who also share my passions, and maybe motivate me to work harder to improve myself. 

Actually, creating a website is also one of my unfinished tasks. I started creating it many years ago, but had never finished. So the sole fact that you are reading this means that the idea worked so far. Hopefully, it is going to stay this way. I'll let this website grow and see how far I can go with this, so keep coming often to see new amazing sections being added every few days (not really).


What's New?

 Dec 07 2009 - New song in "Music" section.
 Nov 07 2009 - New song in "Music" section. 
 Jan 25 2009 - New "About Me" section.
 Jan 24 2009 - Added articles and talks in "Security" section.
 Jan 12 2009 - New version of DCLinux released.


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.