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My music

I'm occasional music composer. As the matter of fact, very occasional recently. But when the mood is right, time is plenty, and the right software happens to be installed on my computer - I compose. My hobby started in early 1990's on my Amiga computer. I had composed many songs (called "modules" on Amiga) that are impossible to listen to these days. Not because I'm such a bad composer (although that plays a part too), but because Amiga's music capabilities -- while impressive in the late 1980's -- are no match to real music performed with real instruments. Some of my old modules are scattered around the Internet, so you can still check them out if you are an Amiga fan. Otherwise, steer clear. Here I present some of my music composed on a PC, with high quality instruments. So enjoy!



My movie night: The Chase

This is a music score to an action movie. My girlfriend wore a director's hut and came out with a story and setting. Then I tried to compose a music to match her story. Since our movie is not going to be released any time soon, fell free to make up some story by yourself :) Hopefully this tune it is interesting enough to engage your imagination.

Cadence - My movie night: The Chase.mp3 (time: 2m 40s  size: 4MB)  



Destination unknown

I started composing this tune in 2003. I haven't finished it at that time for reasons unknown to me now. Actually, I have dozens of unfinished songs on my hard drive. Nevertheless, the song got backed up, encrypted, stored on an external medium, and forgotten for the next six years. I found it accidentally in 2009 while looking for some other files, and decided that it would be cool to finish it after such a long break. Incidentally, I also bought myself a MIDI controller only two days before, so I just couldn't resist the temptation to use it :)

Cadence - Destination unknown.mp3 (time: 4m 4s  size: 5.8MB)  



Dancing with tones

It's a light ambient piece. Good for relaxation and meditation. This is my first music composed using Renoise, and probably the first one using PC. For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to use high quality instruments (as opposed to using 8-bit Amiga samples) in more than 4 channels (another Amiga limitation - it could play only 4 instruments at the same time). As a bonus, the electric guitar that you can hear there is my real instrument that I bought just few days before.

Cadence - Dancing with tones.mp3 (time: 3m 8s  size: 4.5MB) 


Ice life form

Another ambient-like piece and composed not long after "Dancing with tones". The story behind it is pretty shallow: a girl I was supposed to meet that day canceled the date, so not having a better idea to spend my time, I put my headphones on and this is the fruit of that night. Again Renoise, and again my real electric guitar playing some parts.

Cadence - Ice life form.mp3 (time: 5m 12s   size: 10MB)



March of bad santas

This is more of a joke than a real music. I wanted to create something that would sound similar to old-style Amiga modules, but using better instruments. Those who know (and like) old Amiga demo modules may find this piece interesting. All the others can still try to give it a shot, but don't be surprised if you find it very... disturbing (for a lack of better word).

Cadence - March of bad santas.mp3 (time: 2m 50s   size: 4MB)